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Skin healing foam, which reduces inflammation and itching

Category: Hygiene

Species: Dogs, Cats

Active Ingredients: skin healing foam

Legal Category: LM

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What is Dermodoo®?

Dermodoo® is an innovative foam formulation of plant extracts which is used to address a range of skin issues affecting cats and dogs.


Skin healing - Speeding up scar and wound repair
Synergistic properties of active ingredients contained inside DERMODOO®’s marigold (Calendula officinalis) extract all promote skin tissues’ reconstruction. As a result, DERMODOO® can help speed up wound healing on both skin and mucosa: stitches, superficial scratches, ulcers or allergic dermatitis.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial - Relieving symptoms of skin allergies
Demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects of marigold flower’s components reduce skin inflammation, irritation and itching. Hence applying DERMODOO® can help relieve symptoms in most cases of mild skin allergies and rashes, including atopic dermatitis and urticaria.

Expansive foam presentation - Allowing a better repartition of the product
DERMODOO®’s foam presentation enables a better repartition of the product over the skin, inside cavities, and on non-smooth or difficult-to-reach skin and mucosa areas, which translates into better therapeutic outcomes. 


  • Promotes the skin healing process
  • Reduces inflammation and itching
  • Unique foam presentation



DERMODOO®’s mild and non-irritant formula is recommended for:

  • Speeding up and improving skin healing after surgery, following superficial scratches or to treat small ulcers
  • Relieving symptoms of skin allergies
  • Speeding up and improving mucosa healing process, in particular after giving birth for females, or in the case of balanoposthitis for males

Pack Size

Unit Package: 75 mL