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Global Excellence in Animal Health

Bimeda is a leading global manufacturer, marketer and distributor of animal health products and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Through ongoing expansion and strategic acquisitions, we have established markets in more than seventy countries worldwide and have R&D, manufacturing and distribution capabilities across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Australasia.

We employ 800 people worldwide and our global headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Within China, the Bimeda portfolio focuses on companion animals, livestock and horses, with a range of products manufactured in our numerous sites around the world, and with our injections produced locally in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Shijiazhuang city.

The Bimeda China business also has R&D, registration, marketing and sales teams in various locations across the country.

Bimeda China is part of the wider Bimeda AMEA business unit, which has a strong presence across the Africa, Asia and Middle East region.

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Product Authenticity

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Bimeda products are manufactured to the highest regulatory standards to ensure optimum safety, efficacy and customer satisfaction.

To help you make sure you have purchased a genuine Bimeda product, always look for the QR code sticker on the product packaging. Scan the QR code.

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QR Codes


Once you have scanned the QR code on the product packaging, you will be directed to the Bimeda WeChat account, where you will find useful links and contact information.