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Winning in their blood, Polyglycan in their joints

Category: Joint & Cartilage Support

Species: Dogs, Cats, Horses

Active Ingredients: synovial fluid replacement

Legal Category: POM

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What is Polyglycan-SA®?

Polyglycan® is a patented formulation designed to replace lost or damaged synovial fluid. It contains naturally-occurring components of the synovia that play a central role in maintaining the homeostatic environment of the joint.


  • Glycosaminoglycans are important components of all extracellular tissue structures including cartilage and synovial fluid.
  • The active components in Polyglycan® show viscoelastic and polyionic properties similar in nature to synovial fluid.
  • The patented 3-component formula has demonstrated characteristics beyond any of these components used individually.


  • Help replenish lost synovial fluid with naturally occurring elements
  • Assist in normalization of synovial fluid viscosity
  • May be used for post-surgical lavage of the joint cavity and surfaces

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1POL0096 x 2.5 mL vials60