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a soothing maternal pheromone

Category: Stress Resistance

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: an analogue of the soothing maternal pheromone of the cows (BAP: Bovin Appeasing Pheromone), complex fatty acid methyl ester mixtures

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What is SecureCattle?

By reproducing this message, SecureCattle® prevents the negative consequences of stress.

SecureCattle® is an analogue of the soothing maternal pheromone of the cows (BAP: Bovin Appeasing Pheromone). Its diffusion allows the optimization of the animal's potential in breeding by preventing the negative effects of stress.


SecureCattle prevents the negative effects of stress.  Morbidity of calves and young cattle during :

  • Rearing
  • Transport
  • Adaptation to a new surrounding


Optimization of milking :

  • Significant increase of the quantity of milk
  • Reduced number of somatic cells
  • Easier delivering of fetal envelops
  • Optimization of growth
  • Food-conversion index
  • Optimization of pH evolution in the meat after slaughter

Prevents the negative effects of stress triggered by every breeding methods, rearing, transport, milking, manipulations, adaptation to a new surrounding, social competition, waiting at slaughter house, in calves, dairy cows, meat cattle, mating cattle.

SecureCattle facilitates the strategies to reduce the use of drugs in every kind of cattle production.

Withdrawal Period

At calving, the cow secretes a pheromone called appeasine, emitted from the sebaceous glands on the inner side of the thighs. This pheromone plays a role in the attachment of the calf to the mother, but it also plays a role in facilitating social relations between all animals in the herd.

Average time of use:
15 days after application

Setting up:
Spray 5 ml of solution, 4 to 6 hours before the stressful event:

Meat cattle (5L solution) : in the withers thanks to a perfectly clean sprayer, reserved for the use of SecureCattle®, and rinsed thoroughly without detergent after each use.

Milk cattle (100ml solution) : between the horns thanks to the applicator gun provided for this purpose.

Pack Size

Meat cattle (5L solution)
Milk cattle (100ml solution)

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